13 Things (Ideas) To Do Whilst Waiting For Your Kids

Image by: Cass

If there’s one thing parents know how to do, its wait. Whether it’s in your car parked by the school gates waiting for Drama Club to finish, on uncomfortable poolside benches while your little one’s learning doggy paddle, or on a freezing park bench as they play an extensive game of five-a-side; it always seems like it’s time you could be using. But for what?

Here are 13 things you can do while you’re waiting for your kids.

  1. Fill out paperwork. Whether it’s the health and dietary needs form for their latest school trip, or the application for the credit card you’ll need to afford it, I’m sure there’s something you need to fill out.
  2. Call someone. You know the family and friends you never get to speak to? Well now’s the time.
  3. Update your diary. Forever avoid those awkward moments when you turn up at school two hours late because you forgot Drama Club was cancelled, or have to drive to Tesco at 11.40pm to pick up a forgotten Birthday present.
  4. Write cards. We may bulk-buy Birthday and blank generic cards, but it’s always left to the last minute to fill them out and send them.
  5. Plan meals for the week. Avoid those inevitable two days a week where you’ve forgotten to get food in and have to resort to meals made entirely of tinned goods, or a sneaky trip to McDonalds (whilst feeling like a bad parent).
  6. Mend clothes. It doesn’t matter how much Teflon they coat kids’ clothes with, you’re always going to end up with gaping holes in knees and elbows, and fraying cuffs.
  7. Have some me-time. Pluck your eyebrows, give yourself a mini-mani, trim the ends of your hair… Men, I’m looking at you too.
  8. Make a to-do list. For the whole week, not just the few hours before you slump onto the sofa, defeated.
  9. Exercise. Why not do something completely crazy like do some stretches, swim lanes or take a walk around that park?
  10. Check through your bank statements. Yes, it’s horrendously boring, but how else will you work out if you can afford the new iPhone/those expensive-but-worth-it boots/another pair of school trousers to replace the three that have been destroyed since the beginning of term.
  11. Check through your kid’s homework. Maybe one day they’ll stop lying to you about not having homework after some motivation in education. Maybe.
  12. Write postcards. It’s a charming, personal way to catch up with people, and shows you’ve put more thought into it than just sending an email or Facebook message.
  13. Relax. Every parent needs a break every once in a while, so why not use the time to chill out, catch up on your favourite book, read the paper or play Angry Birds.

What do you do while you’re hanging around waiting?

Louise Blake is a mum of one tiny tearaway, who had no idea there was so much waiting involved in parenting. She is also a blogger who currently writes for Carrot Reward.

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