4 Ways to Protect your iPad from your Children

The undoubted genius behind the Apple iPad is that it bridges the gap between the traditional desktop computer, allowing its owner , not only to access and transfer vast amount of information quickly, but also to take advantage of the many hundreds of especially developed applications (or apps) covering all aspects of daily life, business management and sports and pastimes.

The problem with iPads is that they are attractive to children. When a child sees parents having a lot of fun with something that looks suspiciously like a computer game then they want to have some action too. That’s why it takes a very strong-willed parent to withstand the pressure from their loved one to take turns to play with a new toy.
Before giving the green light, or not, here are four good ways of protecting your precious iPad from your children doing irreparable damage to it.

•    Set the ground  rules well in advance
Before passing on the keys to the iPad you make it very obvious that it never leaves the property all that it is never lent to a friend (no matter how close they are).Keeping your Ipads in one environment is the safest way to avoid fall while carrying it around.

To make it really clear, you should also only allow your children to use the Ipad at specific hours of the day while you are around. This way you can keep an eye on what is happening and ensure that no drama occurs.

•    No  downloading of illegal applications
In the unlikely event that a parent didn’t already know this, children know a lot more than their parents. That’s why they find it difficult to understand why you should pay so much money for Apple approved apps, when you can buy just as good ones online for a third of the price. Forbid them from such action as it is liable to signal the entry all kinds of bugs and viruses onto your beloved toy.

•    Password protect your private information
There may well be setting sections on your iPad, you do not want your children to pry. To protect them from happening you should invest a little money in a good piece of password protection software and no matter what,  keep the password well away from their hands.

•    Let them know that the iPad is a sensitive piece of  hardware
That means it should not be left anywhere in extremes of hot or cold, alongside any very strong magnets, that it is not waterproof and certainly should not be used as a Frisbee.
Teach your children to treat the iPad with respect that it deserves, and you will all get along just fine.

Mike has 2 boys in a young age and has already dealt with the loss of 2 Ipads. Aside from taking care of his children, Mike is a regular toys reviewer at Toysparadise.com.au and loves blogging.

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