5 Fantastic Garden Games and Activities for Kids

Image by: Phillip Dean

5) Circus Circuits

Create your own circus in the garden by taking outdoor toys such as a cricket set or mini trampoline and placing them around your garden. Challenge the kids to complete the circuit and move from each piece of kit by skipping, cartwheeling or marching, and time them using a stop watch.

Not only will your children love charging around the garden, they’ll also be getting plenty of exercise, too. Pick one child to be the ringleader (if you have a top hat or red coat in the dressing up box, now is the time to dust them off!) and tackle some light gardening tasks while they play.

4) Become an Explorer

Small children will love getting up close and personal with all the creepy crawlies that live in your garden and this gives you a great opportunity to continue with their education away from school. Tell them to explore different areas of the garden then report back what they see in different ways such as drawing, writing a description, singing a song or making up a poem.

3) Build a Treehouse

While we adults prefer to get to grips with nature from the comfort of our orangeries and conservatories, young children relish the outdoors, and although it may not look much to you, a rickety tree house has the potential to delight your children for hours on end. Working on the project together across the summer can be great fun for older children and gets the hard work done quicker. Of course if you’re feeling flash with the cash you could purchase a premade house instead.

2) Make a Den

If DIY and the prospect of a Saturday morning spent wandering the aisles at B&Q fills you with dread, there are simpler ways of turning your garden into a summer holiday habitat. If you have any old sheets or blankets lying around the house, take them outside and drape them across the picnic table or swing set. You now have a makeshift den that the kids can read in or play house, while you’re free to start getting lunch ready.

1) Ball Games

If you have a football or two lurking in the garden shed then you have hours of free entertainment ahead of you. The Beautiful Game is an obvious one for entertaining the kids, but try dodgeball, touch rugby, and catch, too.

You could also play games to test endurance, where the children have to hop on one foot while playing catch, or see how long they can keep the ball from falling on the ground. A set of three tennis balls could be used to teach them to juggle or as a word game, where children must work through the alphabet naming animals or plants whenever they are thrown the ball.

Can you think of any other cheap ways to transform your garden into a summer holiday habitat?

Louise Blake is a mum to be who loves shopping for baby clothes and putting the finishing touches to her new nursery. When she’s not working, Louise loves to walk her dog and writes blogs for David Salisbury. Louise loves spending time outdoors and is looking forward to building a tree house of her own one day.

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