5 Unique Ideas For Your Kids Party

We all know the format of a children’s party, whether it’s from going to plenty when you were younger or planning a few since you’ve had kids of your own. Everybody arrives, they play some games, they have a dance maybe, they eat some food and then they go home. With the inevitable inclusion of a few tantrums along the way, this seems to be the usual programme for a child’s birthday party but it doesn’t have to be that way.

These type of parties have been done to death and, along with themes such as ‘pirates and princesses’ and ‘superheroes’, they should be thrown on the party planner’s retirement heap. Children love to be entertained and to see things that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to on any normal day, so why not provide them with this at your party. Here are a few ideas to make sure your child is the talk of their school thanks to everybody enjoying their magical birthday party.

Act like you’re having fun – This is possibly the most effective party idea with the least effort required. All you need to do is buy a specially made CD, press play and then watch as the enjoyment unravels.

These CDs will take the children deep into a fantasy world and narrate them through different activities and party games along the way. It effectively lets the children act out the party that they desire; leaving you time to sort out the food or rescue that child that always gets stuck on the bouncy castle.

Food based parties – Children love nothing more than food and if they are not eating it then they are making a mess with it. Why not combine both with this wonderfully creative party idea.

Getting the children to bake cookies or fairy cakes is a great way to get them all engaged in an activity together as well as giving them something to take home when they leave. You can either arrange this yourself or hire a company to provide the equipment (and clean up) for you.

Animal Adventures – There are many ways that you can get animals involved in your children’s party to really get the kids partaking in something a bit different.

Pony parties are great for little wannabe princesses, or for your little monster you could hire an exotic animal handler to let the children have a one to one experience with snakes and other reptiles. Cuter, more fury options are also available should you prefer.

Master balloon sculptor – We’ve all been to a party where there’s a balloon sculptor and all they do is blow up a balloon and call it a worm or just about manage to create something slightly resembling a dog.

Instead, why not find a master of the trade. Some of the best balloon modellers can craft things that you didn’t even know were possible; which is sure to be more entertaining than the usual clowning around that is associated with this type of entertainment.

Science parties – This is probably the ultimate way of getting children interacting with your party. Companies are available for hire that provide somebody to come and show the children at your party some amazing scientific experiments;  some that they can take part in and some that they can just watch in amazement. The best thing about this type of party is that they will be learning about the world around us and how things work whilst having fun at the same time.

Whatever you decide to do for your children’s party, entertainment is a must. If you make sure you provide the best source of enjoyment then there is no doubt that the kids will love it.

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Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of Squirty Wirty. Entertain everyone at your kids party in style with their choice of children’s entertainers; from magicians to balloon modellers and everything inbetween.

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