7 Kids’ Toy Trends(Favorite) That We Wish Would Reappear

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Each of us have different memories of childhood toys, and whether you were part of the yo-yoing, Pogs or Pokemon card movements, it always seems as if we had it better back then than kids do today. Toys were less complicated, less expensive, and actually did something – rather than encouraging to sit on the sofa and stare at a screen.

So, although we’ve got the mutant cousins of Furbies back in time for this Christmas (which, honestly, no one wanted), there are many toys we actually do want to return to their rightful place on Toys R Us shelves countrywide. Here are seven kids’ toys they need to bring back.

1. Slinkies

How will kids watching Toy Story now will otherwise know what on earth Slinky Dog is? Also, despite being one of the simplest toys ever, there is little more satisfying in life than making a slinky go down a whole flight of stairs in one go.

2. Paper Cut-Out Dolls

Who needs all of these fashion designing IPhone apps when you can actually make stuff in real life? Paper dolls were great, cheap and creative, and could keep kids occupied for a lot longer than a drawing app.

3. Super Grip Ball

A sticky blend of tennis and ping pong, this was a 90s must-half summer toy. Days in the park or at the beach wouldn’t have been the same without it, and it was sure as hell addictive. Maybe the obesity epidemic wouldn’t be quite as bad if these replaced computers?

4. Silly Putty

I genuinely do not understand why this stuff is not still on sale everywhere. You can squidge it, mould it, break it and bounce it – what more could you want from a hunk of goo?

5. Beanie Babies

The only cuddly toys it was completely cool for people to collect (including adults), these were unbelievably cute and actually an attractive addition to kids’ bedrooms. Ain’t no batteries needed here.

6. Koosh Balls

Those balls made out of rubber stringy things, you say? Awesome. A lot less damaging than bouncy balls, these were the perfect thing to ping at the playground monitor’s head…

7. Tamagotchis

Nintendogs and cats have nothing on these bad boys. Tamagotchis actually taught kids it was cool to care for something else other than themselves – these electronic pets could die, dammit! I mean they did get banned from schools, but what could be better classroom rewards than looking after your cute little alien?

If you had the power, what toys would you bring back for the kids of today?

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Susannah Perez is a retro enthusiast who still owns a Tamagotchi. She currently blogs for ClassroomCarrots.co.uk when she’s not trying to keep her electronic pet alive.

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