Choosing Bunk Beds for Kids

Selecting furniture for your child’s room is no small feat. First and foremost, you want to be certain the items are safe and of top quality. Your children would probably be pleased if you brought home something with an element of fun. In addition, the furnishings need to fit in the room, complement your home’s style, be comfortable as well as practical and suit your budget. Opting for bunk beds for kids can satisfy all of these needs, but knowing what to look for is essential.

When shopping for bunk beds for kids, keep safety in the forefront of your thoughts. Look for a bed that includes guardrails around the top bunk to help prevent falls. Make sure the spacing between individual rails as well as that between the guardrails and the mattress or frame is not so large that your child could lodge his arm, leg or neck between them. Only purchase mattresses made specifically for bunk beds, as well. Children who are moving in their sleep or playing on the top bunk can be gravely injured by ill-fitting mattresses or inadequately sized rails.

Bunk beds are fundamentally fun, but you can look for features that make your children’s new bed even more enjoyable. Look for bed sets that are designed to look like play sets, houses or other kid-friendly designs. Loft beds can be fun, providing room to play beneath them and you can find supplementary embellishments to make the furnishings even more entertaining, such as tents, slides and ladders.

Standard bunk beds with a twin bed on both the top and bottom bunk are quite practical, as they double up sleeping space without using any extra space. However, when you consider your child’s unique needs, you can find bunk beds for kids that are even more functional. For instance, some beds include built-in desks, drawers and trundle beds, giving your children options that are even more useful. Think about how your kids spend time in their room to make the best choice.

Finally, look for bunk bed sets that fit your budget. Fortunately, most are highly affordable, so you should not have to search too long or hard. Watch for sales at your local furniture retailer and browse online stores. You are sure to find a bargain that meets all of your child’s needs.

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