Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for Kids

Children just love to decorate and dress up for all sorts of occasions and one of these occasions is Halloween. Decoration for any party or event is always important and it can also be great fun to do, children and young people especially love to make things that are scary and eye catching.

Halloween decorations can be quite easy to make as well as fun. Many can be made from everyday items or easily available materials. There are more traditional decorations such as carved out pumpkins and more unusual ones as well.

The first thing your guests or neighbours will see as they arrive at your house or as they walk by is you front door. So choose something eye-catching to decorate it with. One spooky Halloween decoration is an enormous black creepy spider. This can be made easily with a few items such as a large plastic milk carton and insulation pipe. Children will love to personalise it and make it their own. Try enormous scary eyes and ghoulish stickers as an added extra.


Kids will really love going a bit batty around Halloween by making bat pins or bat hats to wear as part of their get ups. Or bat shaped hanging decorations go down well too. For bat pins, you can use easily available glitter and glue, foam and other items such as mini pom poms. For batty hats you need an old black hat, or cardboard and clothes pins.


Turn plain candles into a gothic Halloween decoration that will light up any party or create the environment for spooky goings on. Older Children with the help of adults of course will love to decorate the candles with different materials.


Create an easy ghoulish ghosite with the kids by using just one white balloon and white carrier bags. Watch as they enjoy making scary faces and the sound of the plastic rubbing against the balloons is a bit creepy too.


To keep little hands occupied whilst making a great decoration, help them to make spider web art. Take pieces of black card or paper, use glue to create a spider web effect and then shake over a some glitter of your choice. This creates a lovely effect and children can hang up on a wall or make several as invites to Halloween parties.


Children will love creating something extra spooky, make a skeleton to hang up as a centre piece. Mr Bones the skeleton can be printed off using an easy to use template. Then all the pieces can be glued onto cereal boxes or cardboard to make the bones strong and sturdy.  Use a hole punch to make holes to attach brass fasteners and hey presto your skeleton awaits. Kids can finish of this Halloween decoration by personalising it with any kind of embellishment such as glitter or glitter pens as an added touch. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/halloween/bones/

Make and hang up a string of colourful banners to decorate your home’s walls with Halloween intrigue and frightfulness. These can easily be made with children using paper, crayons, string, glue and scissors.


Happy Halloween from Alton Breaks! We hope your decorations are a hit – be sure to supervise any little ones and keep an eye on your glitter and glue!

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