Fun Project for Kids with Crystal Water Beads

Crystal water beads are hygroscopic (water absorbing) beads that that initially resemble tiny seeds, but turn into smooth, slippery marbles when immersed in water for several hours. Like droplets of water made solid, these entertaining objects are non-toxic and make an excellent addition to playtime for children of all ages. With clear versions available as well as several color options, they offer sensory delight and easy cleanup – several days out of water causes them to shrink back to their initial size.

For Ages 4-5

The curiousity of young children and the unique experience of water beads make the perfect pair! If you have a water table or shallow basin, your kids are only a quick soak away from slippery, squishy fun. Make a tactile treasure hunt by hiding clear objects underneath a sea of plumped up water beads and see who can find the most hidden items. If more unstructured play is desired, break out the bath toys and allow your kids to play with them in the water table or basin you’ve filled with water beads. Bear in mind that even though crystalwaterbeads are non-toxic, young children should still be supervised during play to prevent them from eating or chewing the beads.

For Ages 6-10

The classic plant-growing science experiment from grade school is always a fun adventure. While kids typically use a damp paper towel, a bean or kernel of corn, a clear cup and a sunny windowsill, why not try an exciting new version using crystalwaterbeads? The beads hold onto water and release it slowly – just like the paper towel – providing a great growing environment for beans and seeds alike. Even after the time comes to transplant the sprout, your children can mix the “inflated” water beads right into the soil. The beads will continue to hold moisture during each watering, giving the transplanted sprout a leg up on growth.

For Ages 11+

Making a scented container of crystal water beads is a project that any tween or teen is sure to love. Start with a package or packages of colored crystal water beads, a decorative glass container, favorite essential oils, and some fun additions like metallic confetti, glitter or novelty plastic beads. Follow the soaking instructions that the beads come with, adding a few drops of essential oils into the water to be absorbed. The resulting spheres will smell great! Carefully pour the scented spheres into the glass container, mixing in any glitter or beads as they’re poured. The container can be placed in a sunny window to scent the room. When placing their new air freshener, be sure to remind your kids to keep it out of reach of very young children or pets.

These fun projects are brought to you by crystalwaterbeads, your trusted online source for water beads and water bead accessories. Eco-friendly water beads can be used in floral arrangements, potted plants and other garden projects to keep plants moisturized. Crystal water beads are both biodegradable and chemically inert, and are available in a variety of colors for all of your design needs.

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