Georgia State Coloring Pages

Today we share you a post about Georgia State. We offer some Georgia State coloring pages. You can learn something off them, but also you can have some coloring fun.
They are excellent for a kids party and some little education.

First we start with the nickname of Georgia State. It’s called the peach state.
Georgia has a great history with the peaches. Peaches were introduced by Franciscan monks along Georgia’s cost on the islands Cumberland and St. Simons end 1500s.
The Cherokee Indians cultivated them in the mid 1700s.
In 1851 the first peaches were shipped and sold outside the South. They were shipped in champagne baskets.
Around 1859 the first peaches were shipped to New York. “Peach State” was earned by Georgia during the three decades following the Civil War.
Nowadays there are more 40 commercial varieties of peaches produced.


Then we have the Cherokee Rose
The Cherokee Rose is the official state floral emblem. This was approved on Augustus 18 1916 by Governor Nathaniel Harris.
It was selected to become the state flower because it has come to represent the removal of
the Cherokee from Georgia in 1838. This is now now as the “Trail of Tears.”
The yellow center represents the gold for which the land was stolen and the white petals represent the clans of the Cherokee.
If you travel westward to the Oklahoma Territory the Cherokee Rose still grows along the route.

Georgia also has a official state bird: the Brown Thrasher.
It is the official state bird since 1970. This was at request of the Garden Clubs of Georgia.
It’s a large bird with a very long tail and a long curved bill. It has a rich brown color on top side, creamy white breast and white wing bars.

Then we have some extra coloring pages of Georgia State. The State map and the flag.

georgia-flag-coloring-page georgia-state

Please print this images for free and enjoy them. And let us know what you think about the sheets?

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