Halloween Door Decoration Ideas, Free Printable Coloring Pages

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to start planning your decorations and costume. Many people dress their homes, a way to add the thrill of this fun holiday to the neighbourhood. There are many decorations you can add to your door, making it a spooky place when children come trick or treating. The advantage is that many of the door decorations can be made at home, a fun thing to do with the children leading up to Halloween. Thanks to Distinctive Doors in the UK for sending us these tips for how to spruce up this year’s Halloween festivities.




Making a witch door decoration is quite easy. You will need a large sheet of paper or card to paint your witch onto. Cut the paper the size of your door and paint your spooky witch and then hang it up on the front of the door to scare the trick or treaters on Halloween.

Keep Out / Danger Signs



Keep out or danger signs can be printed straight onto the door in non-permanent paint which can be removed after Halloween. Have some fun with it, painting in bright red, the colour of blood or add some hand prints to make it look like someone has put their bloody hand print on the door. This is great fun for kids around Halloween. If you don’t want to paint directly onto the door, use a sheet of card or paper which you can stick to the door and remove with ease.




There are a number of ways to make ghosts to attach to your door for Halloween. Make paper cut out ghosts which can be glued to the door, get the children to cut them out and draw faces on them. You can cut out a full sized ghost figure or you can use a sheet, cut out some eyes and use some wire at the top to make it stand out slightly from the door, offering a spooky welcome to any visitors.

Spiders Web




Making a spider’s web for your front door is so easy and will have the children entertained for hours. Using a ball of string and a wire hanger, you can make a great web which you can attach to your door for Halloween. Be sure to supervise any use of scissors or glue – and be ready to assist with any knot making.

Vampire Bats



Bats are spooky looking characters and you can make these yourself to place on the door at Halloween. Make them from paper mache and paint them up, maybe with some blood dripping from their mouths. Another alternative is to cut out the bat shape from a piece of cardboard, get the children to paint the face and glue a couple to your door.




Not many people like spiders, so finding one on your front door at Halloween is not the welcome they were expecting. You can make these easily from pipe cleaners, which give them the furry legs like a spooky tarantula. Paint them black or brown with non-toxic paint and get the children to help you put on the legs and build them to look as real as possible. Add some elastic or string and hang them from your door.

What will you be doing to spice up your door displays this Halloween?

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