How to Decorate the Living Room with Children in Mind

One of the decisions new parents have to make is whether or not their children should keep their toys in their rooms, or whether they can keep them spread around the house.

You may like of the idea of keeping your kid’s toys in their bedroom, but if you have more children or live in a smaller home then this idea just isn’t practical. If this is the case then you will need to incorporate your kid’s toys into your living room, which means you run the risk of the room getting overrun and losing its style. That is unless you read these top tips…

Hidden, Organized Storage

Keeping toys organized and out of sight when it’s grown up time in the entertainment room is easy, but finding a stylish way to do it can be a little trickier and can take a little bit of DIY work.

Image by Tuppus

Ikea’s Trofast collection is like no other when it comes to storage, the plastic drawers that can be pulled out come in different sizes, which means you don’t have to dump Lego pieces in with stuffed toys. Since they are so easy to pull out as well, no tiny fingers will end up jammed anywhere. You could also keep DVDs in one of the big drawers, or remotes in the smaller one.

If you don’t like the look of the plastic cubbies then why not hang some stylish material in front of it to match your living room, which your kids can easily pull back to access their toys. You can also paint the wood any colour you like and use the top as a coffee table.

Keeping Technology Safe

Now that you’re sharing this space with your kids you need to be more aware of what could possibly be broken or damaged by little curious hands. A flat screen attached to the wall is a good idea because there’s no way they could accidentally knock it over.

Keeping DVD players and other consoles protected is another good way to go, look for a media unit that has cabinets that either lock, or will be out of a young child’s reach.

If you have speakers in your entertainment room then attaching them to the wall using speaker brackets instead of having them on wobbly stands would be the best way to protect them, and could ramp up your movie-watching experience.

Stain Resistant

Kids spill, it’s a fact of life. For this reason investing in a couch with a cover that can be easily thrown in the washing machine will save you so much grief. This goes for cushions as well.

As for rugs and carpets, if they’re small enough to be put in the washer then great – but if they’re too big then you might want to get one that is either more stain resistant, or can hide any stains that might occur in their colouring. Cream carpets are a no, for instance…

Are there any practical yet stylish ways you’ve managed to incorporate your children in some of the more ‘grown-up’ rooms of you home?

Estelle Page is an interior designer with two kids. She enjoys blogging for AV4Home, a company who helped create the perfect entertainment room in her home.

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