How To Make The Most of Pumpkins This Halloween

Pumpkins have by far their most popular part of the year during Halloween as one of the most synonymous accessories. There are a number of ways that you can use one and the seeds are also very useful.
Eight things to do with a pumpkin:
o    Pumpkin flower pot
A Halloween decoration for the house that can be painted on, with beautiful flowers added to make a stylish new pot that will bring the theme inside your home.
o    Bird feeder
Use a pumpkin outside your home in a unique and new way by feeding birds in your front garden. This could even bring some crows to your home.
o    Centre piece
There is nothing quite like a range of different sized pumpkins in the fire place to add a touch of colour to the room.
o    Candle holders
Place a hole in a pumpkin and put a large candle inside for a lovely display. Just make sure to add enough room for the wax to drip into though.
o    Kids’ fun
Get some pumpkins together and hand paint them ready to go in the porch or outside your house on the spooky night. You can even add some lighting around the pumpkins so they are truly eye catching.
o    Wedding seating
It is one of the hardest decisions when you are getting married to decide what you could put as your place setting. How about some small pumpkins with slits cut in the stalk to place your name tags into?
o    Food
Try something new with the left overs when you have carved your pumpkin and make some pumpkin soup or a lovely pumpkin bread.
o    Outdoor displays
Make a Halloween guy by using some old clothes and a pumpkin too. You could stick a pumpkin on the head and putting this together is another great activity for you, your children or a party.
You will find that you are left with the pumpkin seeds and these need not go to waste. Here are five ways for you to make use of them:
1.    Roast the nuts and add them to your favourite nutty mix
2.    Roast the seed for use over a salad
3.    Grind up the seed to add to a spicy burger for some real texture
4.    Roast with some spice and sugar and enjoy this moreish treat
5.     If you are more of a savoury person roast with garlic olive oil and a pinch of salt and even add some Worcester sauce.

Article written by Alex Phillips on behalf of, an inspirational website for all your craft needs.

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