Lunch Bag Ideas

The aim of making a lunch box is that you can ensure healthy eating; this means choosing wholegrain bread over white, even better is making your own. There is nothing better than homemade bread filled with a protein, which can be meat or fish. These ideas are not only great for the kids lunch boxes, but can liven up your work lunch box as well.

When packing a lunch box the aim is to avoid the cafeteria and ensure that everything placed in the lunch box is healthy and eaten.  A lunch box shouldn’t only include a sandwich; it should include snacks and a dessert of some kind to add to the excitement.

Add a Salad

A small pot filled with a delicious pasta salad or potato salad can offer great nutritional value while remaining healthy. It’s a good alternative to the boring sandwich and this way you can rest assured it will be eaten.

Replace Boring Sandwiches

If you have tried the wholegrain sandwich route and the lunch box always tends to come home with the sandwich still inside, try a different route. Wraps are increasing in popularity, they are easy to eat and can be a welcome alternative to a sandwich. You can stuff wraps with a selection of healthy ideas from stir fry vegetables to meats and tuna mayonnaise.

Add a Treat

Add a fruit salad to the lunch box, this way you can have peace of mind that some of the five a day fruit and vegetables are being eaten. Fruit salad is refreshing and a welcome dessert for the lunch box.

Another option is to add a fruit jelly cup, maybe with a little custard or a healthy yoghurt as an after lunch treat. When it comes to lunch box ideas the desserts should be healthy alternatives and you should steer away from the chocolates, puddings and crisps.


A child at school will have a couple of breaks throughout the day and then a lunch break. Packing some healthy snacks into the lunch box is a way for the child to eat a healthy diet while not going hungry until the lunch bell.

Adding fruit such as apples, bananas or oranges cut into segments is a fun and easy snack to have on the go. There is also a host of vegetables such as carrot sticks that make a welcome snack on a busy day.

Throw is a packet of raisins; raisins make a great snack or a packet of nuts. The aim is to ensure the lunch box you add is filled with healthy goodness.

Home Made

Where possible add homemade goodies such as oat and raisin flapjacks or oat and raisin biscuits. These are wholesome and filled with healthy goodness and the perfect size for the lunch box to be enjoyed as a snack or after lunch treat.

As your child gets older they will be more likely to choose the healthy options as it is what they have found in their lunch boxes for years. Try and make it fun, adding variety to the lunch box, changing what you place inside on a daily basis.

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