Rainy Day Activities of Danish Children

When it starts getting colder and wetter in Denmark, children are forced to stay inside and wait for the rain to stop. And as anybody with a child of a certain age knows, a bored child is an unhappy child, and an unhappy child means a harassed, tired parent.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of kid friendly activities in Copenhagen in case of a rainy day. Denmark, Copenhagen especially, has a lot of culture and excitement for children (and their parents!) to indulge in. Like:

1. Theaters

There are a number of theaters for children in Copenhagen. The Anemone is a family theater in Copenhagen, which also has a small café with toys and books for children. The Folketearet is also very popular with children, where they have the Børnescenen – the Children’s Stage, where child theater groups perform to audiences 3 to 8 years old. They also have The Small Theater and the Zangenbergs Theater, all of these excellent children’s theaters in Copenhagen today.

If plays aren’t their thing, Danish children can also go with their parents to the Cinemateket, where you can watch everything from classical to cult films to short films to documentaries, to final projects from students of the Danish film school. Children get in free!

2. Museums

Copenhagen has a great deal of museums for children, too. For example, Børnenes Arbejdermuseum has a section for children, when they can immerse themselves in the experience of what it’s like growing up in the 1930s. There’s the Children’s Museum at the National Museum, the Children’s Museum of Art, The Circus Museum, and the Kropeddal Museum, to name only a few. They offer a great range of activities for children, and for opportunities for not only the children to learn, but the adults that accompany them as well.

3. Aquariums

Aquariums are good fun! Copenhagen has Denmark’s Aquarium, which boasts more than 300 marine species. Touching pools let the children get up close and personal to the animals, and it’s a great sight when all of the fish come out to be fed every day. The Oresund Aquarium, which is just a little north of Copenhagen, is a saltwater aquarium where during Danish holidays, there are often family activities.

4. Indoor Swimming Pools

There are indoor swimming pools in Copenhagen that you can visit if you want to go for a swim on a rainy day. The DGI-byen in Copenhagen has dive boards, trampolines, hot spas, and water playgrounds that children adore.

5. Shopping

More indulgent parents take their children out to shop on rainy days in Copenhagen. There’s a Lego store where they sell (of course) Lego blocks and Harry Potter themed sets, LEGO games, and so much more. There’s a Disney store where they sell Disney things (naturally), too. One of the more interesting shops is Faraos Cigarer, which is Denmark’s leading games and comics shop, where children (and adults!) can meet up to play and exchange cards. After all that, they might go to the Royal Café to grab a bite or two of “smushi”, a Danish open-faced sandwich prepared like sushi.

6. Stay Inside

Then again, some Danish children, like all children, just prefer to stay inside and play with their toys or read books with their parents on rainy days. Denmark is an exciting place, but home is always where the heart is.

Dominique dela Paz writes about all things Danish for international readers.

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