Save Money By Making Your Kids Clothes Last Longer

It’s funny how in the past it was pretty normal to make things last, if toys broke you would fix them, if clothes ripped you would patch them. People weren’t as well off, so they made things go a little bit further…

But just because we are supposed to be better off than our grandparents were, it doesn’t mean we have money to throw away does it? And let’s face it, running a family is expensive – kids clothes aren’t cheap and children are experts at turning a brand new jumper into a tatty rag.

This article is about saving money and being green, by learning to get more mileage out of your kids clothes – if you ever feel like you are constantly having to buy new clothes to replace old ones then this post is for you!

Categorise Clothes

Let’s face it, certain activities take their toll more than others, and equally some activities require smarter clothes than others. Most children have different categories of clothes; school, smart and play are the common ones. But you can categorise further, why not have out door and in door clothes and maybe clothes for visiting friends. For us ‘out door, at home’ is the scruffiest category and when clothes get too old to be worn out they are moved to this category.

Go Easy On The Washer

It can often be tempting to shove as much as you can in the washing machine, especially when you have a few kids on a mission to dirty as many clothes as they can. But if you put too many clothes in one load you are putting unnecessary strain on the washing machine as well as damaging the clothes you are washing. Split it into smaller loads and your clothes will look newer for longer.

Stain Prevention Is Key

New clothes are generally treated to be stain resistant, but after a few washes this stain proof layer is washed away, which means that spillages are more likely to stick. If you periodically re-treat your clothes to lock out those pesky stains you will not have to wash clothes so fiercely when accidents do happen.

Additionally, carry a stain prevention pen wherever you go, you can then treat spillages as soon as they happen – making stains come out more easily when they go in the laundry. By preventing stains you will minimize the number of times an item has to be washed multiple times on a hot wash and the clothes will last sooooo much longer as a result.

Bring Reinforcements

Certain items of kids clothes wear out faster than others. T-shirts are usually thrown away once they get too faded and tatty, whereas jumpers are much more likely to go threadbare at the elbows. Recognise the clothes are likely to wear out in this way and iron patches in to reinforce the weaker links – this can often double the life of the clothes or better.

Just Be Gentle On Them

In today’s world of hygiene and nanny-ing it is tempting to overdo it with the washing. Using a hot wash to make sure clothes are at their cleanest, and washing them after a day of wearing is common.

Ok some items need washing more than others, but most clothes can be washed very effectively on a gentle wash using a gentle detergent. Even using your washing machine’s quick wash or hand wash settings will get most clothes 99% as clean as a more harsh cycle would.

If you invest in a gentle washing machine and always use the gentlest settings you will not only make your clothes last much longer but you will probably also save money on your energy bill too!

For a good quality washing machine that won’t damage your clothes try something by Zanussi. Thanks for reading my guest post and good luck!

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