Teaching Kids Proper Dental Care Through Food

Every parent wants their kids to be healthy. At the first sign of fever, they immediately consult the paediatrician to seek help and relief. But when their child develops cavities, not a lot of parents think to rush off to the dentist to have this checked.

The fact is, dental health is just as important as the health of the body. And the need for proper dental hygiene should be emphasized on a young child early in his development. Consequently, proper nutrition must also be adapted to avoid any problems in the teeth. The same principles a parent applies with body care, also follows with dental care. A child has to get used to a routine and parents have to guide him to it.

Avoid Foods Rich In Sugar

While the teeth has one of the hardest composition in the human body in the enamel, it can be vulnerable to tartar and cavities. Allowing the child to eat foods rich in sugar brings bacteria that eat away into the teeth’s enamel and destroying it. Avoid giving your child candy bars and sweet drinks, such as juice or cola, as these are filled with sugar. If they are allowed to indulge in this, do so in moderation and do it once in a while only. This goes the same for drinks. Flavored or carbonated drinks usually leave sugary substance in the mouth that may trigger bacterial development.

Drink Lots of Water

With each meal, stress the importance of drinking lots of water to your child. The body needs this to move nutrients through the bloodstream so that the body is well-nourished. But as far as dental health is concerned, water helps flush away any food debris that may be left in the mouth, essentially cleaning it. Water also helps neutralizes the conditions in the oral cavity, thus reducing bacterial development. Have the child drink water instead of synthetic juices and sodas instead, for a healthier body and healthier teeth.

Provide Foods That Actually Help Teeth

Aim to give or prepare foods that have low sugar content to your children. Carrots and celery are some of the best types because these vegetables work like a toothbrush that can clean the enamel. They have these fibers that provide brushing action when it comes in contact with the teeth. If your children crave for sugar, give them fruits like apples instead of ice creams or cake. Apple is deliciously sweet, but like carrots, it also has fiber that helps with cleaning. Let your children drink loads of milk, a rich source of calcium. This nutrient keeps bones and teeth stronger.

Take note though that even as there are foods that are good for the teeth, these still can bring bacteria if the child isn’t able to brush and clean the teeth properly. Along with proper nutrition, proper brushing should also be taught early so that they can pick the habit up and imbibe this in their lifestyle as they are older.

When dental care is taught to children at an early age, they develop good habits that will make teeth care and maintenance easier. They also avoid developing bad teeth, or avoid needlessly undergoing a dental procedure. If they require dental braces, the children should all the more be taught to properly care for these, so that treatment can progress without hitches.

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