Top 5 Spelling Bee Android Apps that Help Your Children Spell Words Right

Thanks to the proliferation of gadgets like the iPad, Androids and other tablet computing devices, learning about almost anything under the sun has become a lot easier. This is especially true for kids who are surprisingly adept at running their little fingers through the screen of these high-tech mobile computers.

With the help of certain applications, kids can hear voice prompts, see pictures, play games and basically have an interaction with the program. Through the process, they can learn about a particular subject, improve their eye-hand coordination, have their senses stimulated and get some efficient brain exercises.

5 Must-Download Spelling Bee Android Apps

Let’s say that you have an Android device and you would like your son to learn his ABCs. The old fashioned way is for parents to use flashcards with letters, simple words and photos for their kids to learn the alphabet. But when you have a device like an Android smartphone, you can simply download an app which helps your kid spell words correctly.

In order for you to have a kid who’s well and ready to become the next spelling bee champ in school, here the top 5 apps that you can download for Androids:

Cimo Spelling Sight (Lite)

By: PlaySmart-Kids
Suited for kids who are in kindergarten up to those in third grade, Cimo Spelling Sight (Lite) has six levels which kids can play. Depending on the current spelling skills of the player, your son or daughter can go one level higher when highly-used words are spelled correctly. Using the Dolch Sight Word list, there are 255 words which children encounter most often while learning how to read. Not only will this improve your kid’s spelling abilities, but it will also be a useful skill for reading.

Monkey Word School Adventure
By: THUP Games, LLC
Monkey Word School Adventure has six interactive educational games which include phonics, recognizing letters and sight words. What’s interesting about this spelling app is the Knack Technology which automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game, the longer that your child plays. There are also fun rewards like frogs, chameleons and butterflies which can be put in an interactive terrarium.

Spelling Bee
By: Socratica, LLC
If you have a kid who absolutely hates spelling, Spelling Bee is a must-download. The app is easy to use and is suitable not just for kids, but for anyone who would like to greatly improve their spelling skills. The app has a database of more than 2,300 English words. Along with it are definitions, audio clips with clear pronunciation and different study modes which lets you review dozens, hundreds and even thousands of words. The difficulty levels available are Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard so you can play individual games based on your skills.

Spelling Space – 3rd Grade
By: Learning Gems
As the title of the app says, Spelling Space is suitable for kids in third grade. There are 480 pre-recorded words which are divided into lists. If you’re a parent with a kid who asks you to spell out words every time he or she is doing homework, this app will give you a much-needed break.

Super Spelling Lite
By: Kids-n-Apps
Finally, there’s Super Spelling Lite which is a free app with four levels and fifteen different games. Suitable for kids aged four years and above, what makes this app fun to play is that it is designed like an arcade game. For every correct word spelled, you can earn rewards and achievements – and unlock more difficult levels to challenge you later on.

All these are available from the Amazon Appstore for Android. So what are you waiting for? If you would like your kid to grow up to be a spelling whiz, download these apps and have them use their gadget time wisely by learning how to spell!

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