Top Tips for Making Money From Paper Crafts. Free Printable Coloring Pages

One of the most remarkable things about the internet is the way it has become possible for anyone to make profit from doing the things they love without any experience or financial backing. Never before have there been such tools and services available to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and never before has creativity and business had such a level playing field so that the little guy can really compete with the larger organizations.

This means that if you have a craft or a hobby that you enjoy, then there’s no reason that you can’t start earning more money from that passion and getting your creations seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Here we will look at how you can go about making money from paper crafts.

Perfecting Your Craft

One of the most popular and obvious examples of a paper craft is card making. Cards are a fantastic craft for making money, because they are simple to create and something that there’s a large demand for.

Of course if you are good at drawing or painting, or if you have general artistic skills, then this will help you to make a big go of your crafts and be highly successful. However at the same time, if you don’t have a particular hand for drawing or painting then there are still other ways you can make great greeting cards – for instance by using software such as 3D design software, by creating collages, or by taking photographs and using these instead. These are all easy ideas that anyone can do, but that will look good and professional.

Making Your Brand

At the same time it’s also good to be able to come up with a theme for your cards, or a USP – something that can help your product to stand out from the crowd. This might mean for instance having a character that appears in all of the images, using a particular artistic style, or using a particular style of humour. Any consistent theme that you can use will make it easier for you to market your product and create a brand. Of course your brand will also need a name, as well as a logo, to help people identify more of your products and seek out your cards.

When you start selling your paper crafts it’s important to have some kind of strategy in mind for your pricing and your overall business model. This means looking into the costs of producing each greeting card, and then deciding on how much profit you want to make on each card. Even if you are doing this more for the fun than the profit, turning over some profit will help you to further your business.


Like any business it’s important to market your cards and to find ways to get the word out regarding your products. Here you will likely want to put more money into your promotion as you increase your profits. A great place to start is by promoting your cards to friends and getting them to spread the world (making some business cards can help in this regard) and to this end you can also use social media in order to spread the word through your network of friends.

Another good starting point is eBay which will allow you to quickly get your products seen by people who are searching for cards and give you an easy way to accept payment. Setting up a website early on meanwhile can also help provide you with more potential avenues for marketing.

Linchon Scofield is an established writer and owns a business blog. He has written some appreciable articles on card making supplies.

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