Ways to Prepare Your Child For The First Day of Preschool

As a parent, why do you think it is important to send your child to preschool? From birth to the time that your son or daughter is two or three years old, the only environment that your child knows is that of your home. You may visit cousins or neighbors for play dates, but they never really get to interact with kids of the same age within a formal classroom environment. This is exactly what will be done in preschool. Through it, your child will be exposed to a formal classroom environment although it would still be fun.

Your three-year-old son, for example, will be able to socially interact with kids of the same age. With the instruction of the preschool teacher, your child’s academic and social skills will be developed accordingly. To prepare your child for that time where play dates are exchanged with time for school work and attending classes, preschool is definitely good training.

Prepping Your Kid for Preschool

Next, what can you do as a parent to prepare your son or daughter for preschool? Take a look at the following tips:

  • Once you have chosen which preschool to send your child to, take him or her there.

When deciding which among the many preschools in your area you can send your child to, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. How long has the school been conducting preschool classes? What are the teachers like? Do they have good facilities? After choosing which school to enrol your child in, take him or her there for a trial visit. By familiarizing your child with what a real school looks like, he or she will not be intimidated by it later on.

  • Do a dry run so that your kid would be familiar with the activities which will be done inside the classroom.

Ask the preschool teacher if you can purchase some preschool exercise books. You can use these to practice some coloring sessions or drawing sessions with your child. Practice some school-related activities at home so that you can prepare your kid for what’s to come later on.

  • Get your child to meet with another kid who will go to the same preschool.

If you have a neighbour, a friend or a relative who has a kid going to the same preschool, setup play dates with them. Having a familiar face in the crowd will help your kid more easily adjust to the new environment. This activity is especially important if your son or daughter does not regularly meet up with kids of the same age. Being in preschool requires your child to be in a socially active situation, so this can be good practice prior to the first day of school.

  • Get your kid to prepare his or her own things for school.

Finally, encourage your child to participate in preparing the things that he or she needs for school. Take your kid with you when go school supplies shopping. Have your daughter choose which dress she is going to wear for the first day of school. Get your son to choose the design of his school bag. These things will make your kid look forward to the first day of preschool, and better adjust to this excitingly new educational experience.

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