What To Do With All Those Candies From Halloween

While Halloween may be fun to celebrate, it is also stress-inducing. And by stress, this doesn’t involve just the preparations for the celebration, it also means stress by way of toxicity. All the candy you and your children can eat can be toxic to the body and seeing it filling up inside the bag may make your kids want to eat it all at once.

But since Halloween can’t be stopped and by tradition, most kids will have to enjoy and participate, as a parent, you would have to be creative with what you should do with all those candies to avoid all those toxins.

Here are a few suggestions:
#1. Make it a rule with the children that as soon as you’re done trick or treating, every bucket or bag should be handed down to you for pooling, distribution and proper allocation of when eating it is done. There is really a small system to this and Mom is the custodian for it. The kids may sneak with eating a bar or two between going from house to house, and that’s alright.

But as soon as you get home, all the candies must be turned over so that you can divide this and ration consumption of it. If done well, the family can have stocks of candies that could last for months. It’s better to eat the treats this way than to consume large amounts in a matter of days.

#2. Assert that proper meals should be eaten first before the children can have candies. This essentially means that the candies are for dessert, which the kids won’t be able to eat if they have not finished their meals. Additionally, the meals that you serve them should be rich in protein and fiber. It should also contain health fat and oils from fish and veggies. You should also impose drinking water each and every time the kids eat anything, to help flush away the toxins.

#3. Use the candies as add-ons to desserts. For instance, those M & M bits should be great as ice cream toppings. You can let milk chocolates from the loot to use for the fondue and the kids can dip fruits in it. In fact, it’s a healthy alternative to just purely eating chocolates. There are several recipes of baked treats you can find online for these.

#4. Pack some of these candies to give to homeless children. Let your children choose which candies should be part of the loot bag. This teaches the kids to show compassion for other people. While candies may not actually be “acceptable” charitable gifts, imparting compassion and letting homeless children enjoy the fruits of Halloween is the focus of this activity. While your at it, you can probably include a pack of toothbrush and toothpaste in the loot.

#5. Use the candies to make arts and crafts. Spend an afternoon bonding with your children making candy necklaces or gingerbread houses. Of course, you would have to eventually throw these away, as these can no longer be eaten and ants may accumulate on it if left alone. But you would have achieved many things with your children: a bonding time, the unleashing of their creativity, and eating sugary toxins less.

Doing these can be a win-win situation. The kids get to enjoy their Halloween loot, but at the same time, they don’t overload from all the toxins and feel sick with eating too much candy. This could be a Halloween tradition.

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